TATRATEA VIDEA: 150 000+ views on YouTube and award

TATRATEA HEARTMIX is unique project, to celebrate the art of bartender mixology and creative music. Marian Beke, head bartender of Nightjar in London, joined with Slovak music composers Fallgrap and us to create stunning short drink videos.


Over the one month took to plan a shooting, draw the storyboards, and make a vision of video.


Three twelve hours shooting days. Yes, pretty tight:). We had to change light atmosphere to each drink, and take care of high production value shots - such as crane shots, dolly shots, macro shots and especially THE SLOWMOTION SHOTS.


Pretty long period, because we had to fit the music, which was create during the postproduction, we made all kind of motion text integrated to the video with nice graphic ornaments connected with Tatratea branding.